• Wooden Sand Pit With Seats and Lid

    Wooden Sand Pit With Seats and Lid Buy Now at Amazon

    This wooden sand pit for your children is made from forestry approved wood planks and has seats on both sides of the sand pit, the bench seats have a back rest too and provide room for six children to sit on the seats and play in the sand pit.

    The sand pit has a built in wooden lid to keep cats, dogs, grass and leaves out of the sand, simply fold down the bench seats and they fold flat to make a sand pit lid which will keep the sand fresh until the next time your children want to play in the sand.

    The sand pit is easy to build too, simply put the provided groundsheet on the lawn or other area where you want the sand pit and set the wooden sand pit down on to of the groundsheet and pour in the sand, there's no hoes to dig and no mess.