• Northcote 'Skinny' Shelf Unit

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    These skinny shelves fit into small spaces, inside they have an adjustable shelf that can be mounted in any one of ten different heights, you can use one skinny shelf unit on it's own either mounted on the wall or free standing on the floor or a desk top or you can fit the shelve units together to make a shelving system as tall or as wide as you want.

    These thin shelving units are white in colour, they don't chip or scratch and they are easy to clean, there's a whole range of other Northcote furniture that will interlock with this thin shelving unit making the shelf very easy to expand with toy boxes, cupboards, wardrobes, chest of drawers and drawer units.

    To use the skinny shelf unit with other shelf units or with any of the Northcote range simply click lock the different units together, its quick and simple.