• Northcote Open Storage Base inc Ledged Shelf

    Northcote Open Storage Base inc Ledged Shelf Buy Now at Amazon

    This wall mounted storage box has a shelf which you mount onto the wall and then the storage box clicks into place below the shelf, you can easily unclick the storage box and carry the box around and then when you have finished with the box simply click it back into place beneath the shelf.

    The storage boxes have a wide open front so its easy to put toys, books, games and shoes in the boxes without having to take the storage boxes off the wall and easy to see what's inside the storage box whist the box is clicked into place on the shelf.

    Add as many shelves and storage boxes as you like, its a wonderfully space saving way to add storage to your child's room as your using wall space that would otherwise be empty, stack the boxes on the wall on top of each other or side by side to get the maximum amount of storage into a small area.