• Northcote Adjustable Shelf Unit

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    These interlocking shelving units can be used on their own or by locking several shelving units together you can make any length of shelf you like, use the units free standing on the floor or mount them on the wall, use them on their own or combine the shelves with toy boxes, storage boxes, drawers and many other items from the interlocking Northcote range.

    The shelves are fully adjustable and you can position the shelf at any height you like with the shelf equidistant from the top and bottom or closer to the top or the bottom the choice is yours and it depends on the height of the toys or games that you want to store as to the height of the shelf you will want to use.

    These shelving units are white and easy to clean with a scratch and knock resistant finish they are suitable for both boys and girls bedrooms as well as playrooms.