• Nordic Single Midsleeper Bed

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    A mid-sleeper bed is a cross between a cabin bed and a bunk bed, like a bunk bed the mid sleeper bed is up high but unlike a bunk bed you can change the height of the mid sleeper bed to be a normal height bed.

    Like a cabin bed all the bedroom furniture is underneath the bed but unlike a cabin bed you can move the furniture around the room, so what you get with a mid sleeper bed is a bed and furniture system that's far more adaptable than either a bunk bed or a cabin bed could ever hope to be.

    The mid sleeper bed is made from gorgeous natural wood and is a light tan natural wood colour, the bed comes with a ladder which can be mounted on either the left or the right hand side of the bed.

    Under the bed is a two shelf unit which can be left under the bed or placed anywhere in the room and to the left of the free standing shelving unit is a three drawer chest with a desk that slides over the chest to save space, this too can be positioned anywhere in the room.