• Natural Memo Pinboard Desk & Hutch

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    A hutch desk that your children will love, there's a cork board at the back of the desk that rises upwards above the desk and has a set of shelves above for storing books and school folders, the shelves are open topped and will hold any size book and with built in book ends you won't lose books off the ends of the shelves.

    There's a drawer in the front of the desk and this is great for holding school exercise books, pens, papers and for keeping homework safe.

    The cork board is a great way to allow your children to pin and stick pop posters without having to worry that they will make a mess of the walls plus its ideal for school timetables and club newsletters.

    The hutch desk is made from wood and has a natural wood colour, there's space on the desk for a desk light and a computer or TV.