• Height Adjustable Easel - Red

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    This red coloured painters easel is height adjustable so it will grow with your child, simply adjust the height of the easel so the top of the easel is level with your child's head.

    The easel is foldable so won't take up much room in your home and can be folded flat and pushed under a bed or stored in the shed or garage when not being used.

    The easel comes with a paper roll above the painting surface which you pull down to release the paper and once the painting is finished you can tare it off the roll, underneath the paper and on both sides of the easel is a blackboard surface so your children can write and draw in both white chalk and coloured chalks on the blackboard surface.

    The easel comes with paint pot holders to hold the paints and keep mess to a minimum, paints and paint brushes are also available.