• Height Adjustable Easel - Natural

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    This children's painters easel is height adjustable so your child will always find using the easel easy as you can adjust the height so the top of the easel is always level with the top of their head.

    There's a paper roll above the easel so just the right amount of paper can be rolled out to paint on without wastage and the roller holds the paper securely in place whilst your children are painting.

    The easel has paint pot holders built into the shelf so paint pots won't slip and fall off the easel which would be messy and as well as a painting surface underneath the paper roll is a blackboard so children can use chalks as well as paint with this easel, there's paint pot holders and blackboard surfaces on both sides of the easel.

    The easel is made from wood and varnished in a natural wood colour or light tan brown, paints and brushes can also be purchased.