• Genius 'SurroundSafe' Trampoline - 10ft

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    This ten foot trampoline provides plenty of room for the whole family to bounce in the garden and comes with some nice extras like a weatherproof cover so you can leave the trampoline outside all tear round and a shoe tidy which is built into the side of the trampoline so everyone can take their shoes off, put them in the shoe tidy and be able to find their shoes again after they have finished bouncing.

    This ten foot trampoline is supplied with a trampoline ladder making it easier for children to climb up into the trampoline.

    The trampoline has a novel safety feature in that there is a strong trampoline net covering the walls of the trampoline that prevents you from falling on any of the metal poles of any of the edges of the trampoline where the springs are, this is unique as all other trampolines don't have this patent pending technology which means that using this trampoline you won't fall and hurt yourself on springs or metal fixings because its impossible to come into contact with any trampoline parts when your bouncing inside the strong trampoline netting.