• Daisy Chain Rug - Large

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    A large floor rug for your little girl or boys room, use the rug as a floor rug or a play rug it;s perfect to brighten up any room and create a splash of colour on the floor which you can coordinate with other furnishings in the room.

    The large floor rug is tufted for extra warmth and softness and has a dark green border with light blue inlay onto which daisy flowers have been delicately woven, these white daises have purple and blue hearts and make the rug a delight to look at.

    Use the floor rug as a play rug in the children's bedroom or any room in the house where you can but the rug on the floor where children can play safely and remain warm on the rug or use the rug in their bedroom as a dressing rug where your children will stay warm as they get dressed on a cold morning.