• Blue Stripe Blackout Tab Top Curtains

    Blue Stripe Blackout Tab Top Curtains Buy Now at Amazon

    Blackout curtains suitable for a boys or girls room with blue and red stripes and black tops and tails, these blackout curtains have hoops at the top to easily fit onto a curtain rail.

    If your child complains that they can't sleep at night because their room is too light then these blackout curtains will keep the room dark as they have a thick lining which will block all the sunlight or street light from entering your child's bedroom.

    Blackout curtains keep the room dark when the sun is still up when your child has to go to bed and keep the room dark in the early morning when the sun is rising and the rising sun would stream through the window waking your child.

    These colourful cotton curtains have a blackout lining sewn in, to stop daylight disturbing your child's sleep; the lining gives the curtains a nice weighty feel and the tab top design makes them easy hang, made from 100% cotton and sold as a pair.