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    When your children can't sleep because it's still light outside' then you know your going to have problems convincing them to go to sleep, but not with these marvellous blackout curtains which have a thick and heavy lining which actually blocks 100% of the light from entering your child's bedroom so the room will be dark, safe and cosy and your child can fall asleep.

    In the morning your child won't be woken up as the sunrises with sunlight streaming into their bedroom so they will continue to get a good nights sleep until its time to wake up in the morning.

    These light blue curtains have white dots and are very smart looking for a little boys room and looking just like normal curtains except for the blackout lining on the inside no one would know they are special blackout curtains just by looking.

    These pretty curtains have a helpful blackout lining to help avoid early mornings and late nights and a tab top design which makes them easy to put up.