• Amelie Memo Wall Cupboard

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    A handy wall storage unit for the hallway or kitchen that features a cork board on the front for pinning school notices or bills to be paid and underneath the cork board is a drawer for storing post so you can keep your post all in one place rather than spreading it round the house.

    The drawer has an elegant brass knob and the cord board at the front is hinged and opens up to reveal shelves for storing larger items like torches, school money, keys and things to remember to take with you in the morning.

    Don't rush around in the morning looking for your keys, keep them safe in this drawer where your always know to look for them.

    Tidy up hallways and kitchens with this useful storage cupboard and notice board, the frame is elegantly bevelled, the cork board is nice and thick, the drawer won't fall out thanks to the drawer stop and the divided shelf inside make it ideal for storing post.