• Amelie 'Collector's Cabinet' Wall Shelves

    Amelie 'Collector's Cabinet' Wall Shelves Buy Now at Amazon

    Made from wood in a white painted finish this superb looking wall cabinet has a front door with hinges that opens up top reveal three shelves with the largest space between the shelves in the middle for storing larger items like school and sports trophies, medals and ribbons as well as certificates.

    There;s space for brownies and cubs badges and diplomas as well as school certificates, netball, hockey, running and gymnastics awards as well as ribbons and trophies from the gymkhana.

    The front glass is completely see-through and made from acrylic safety glass while having all your most treasured positions in a display cabinet on the wall ensures that they will stay safe plus its much easier to just the square cabinet than it is to dust individual awards.

    Keep treasures and trophies free from dust and curious fingers with bevelled frame, clear acrylic door, magnet fastening and screw-in wall fixing.