• Amelie 'Collector's Cabinet' Wall Shelves - Large

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    A large display case for mounting on your wall and storing children's trophies, awards, certificates and medals in ma safe cabinet that means they won';t get handled unnecessarily or get lost and because they are in a sealed cabinet they won't get dusty either which is always an added bonus.

    There's three large shelves with every shelf being able to fit a small trophy , the corners of the cabinet are rounded for safety and the cabinet glass is acrylic safety glass that's 100% transparent, the front door is hinged and closes tight keeping precious papers safe.

    Use the display case for school achievements or for sporting prowess as well as showing off your collections of dolls, china, books or photographs.

    This display unit has taller shelves to cope with the exhibition of trophies, dolls, and other larger prized possessions, with bevelled frame, clear acrylic door, magnet fastening and screw-in wall fixing.