• Activity Walker

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    A beautiful all wood activity walker for your baby to help them learn to walk, your baby can push this activity walker along, leaning on the activity walker whilst they are still unsteady on their feet, encouraging them to walk.

    The activity walker itself is brightly coloured with large red walls that will move on carpet and wooden floors and a bright lime green yellow handle that's easy to grip for little hands.

    The all wood design is especially cute and will last for many years and is sure to become a treasured possession, the safety paint used will not flake or chip as the paint 'colours in' to the wood rather than sits on top of the wood.

    This beautiful walker has heaps of interesting things to twist, turn, push, and spin as well as shapes to sort, noises to make and pictures to discover with three beaded wire maze, xylophone with mallet, animal puzzle, shape sorter, peg maze, tumbling flower gears and elastic netted storage area.