• 20-In-1 Games Table - Including All Accessories

    20-In-1 Games Table - Including All Accessories Buy Now at Amazon

    This wooden games table has twenty different games and comes with all the accessories and gaming parts you need to enjoy the games.

    Made from oak wood the table looks beautiful and is built to last with a sturdy frame and interchangeable gaming tops that store underneath the top your using so you don't have to find any extra space.

    From pool to table football everything is included so there's no pool cues or pool balls or triangles or table football rods, balls or players to buy everything is included, the chess set and draughts set and table hockey pucks are also included, every game supplied with the games table has all the pieces needed to play that game.

    With so many games to choose from there'll certainly be something here for everyone in the family to enjoy. But you won't need lot's of space as all the games pack neatly away into the sturdy oak wood finish table.

    Games included are table football, pool, table tennis, skittles, ring toss, dominoes, chess, shuffleboard, backgammon, magnetic darts, knock hockey, horseshoe, playing cards, glide hockey, magnetic American Football, pickup sticks, marbles, chequers, poker dice & tic-tac-toe.